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  • Isomorphic
    Sorry, this is way too little information to go on, please see the FAQ for the information you need to include in order to file an issue.

    Also, your build is both not the latest patched version, so you will need to correct that first. You should also consider upgrading to a new version since you are 2 versions out of date.

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  • datetime DS type being sent in update dsRequest as a string with out milliseconds

    Be sure your post includes:

    1. ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v9.0p_2013-11-03.js

    2. All

    3.No server side error but when the date is parsed back to a Java.Util.Data object it has lost its milliseconds. Why is it not a Java.SQL.Timestamp object?

    4.No issues processing the data on the fetch with the DS type set to datetime and the Java object being Java.SQL.Timestamp, The record object in the ListGrid has the milliseconds.

    6. ListGrid.saveAllEdits(rows2Save,"saveBtnClickCallBack()");

    Everything works perfectly as expected but when the data is received on the server after this call the dsRequest body has the date time in string form (I'm guessing to retain localization) the string version does not have the milliseconds so the date object on the server has 000 for the milliseconds.