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    Client side filtering on ListGrid shows incorrect data for row 0

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    2.IE 7-11

    3.not server related.

    4. no server RPC call

    5. no Javascript error.

    6. I'm filtering the ListGrid rows manually on the client side using filterData : function(criteria,callback,requestProperties) and then using ListGridt.setData() set the data of the rows that match the criteria. This works really well, but all of the editable columns, including a select, comboBox, and text types, continue to display the data from the original row 0 after the filter is applied. I do use ListGrid.refreshRow(0), after the data is set but this does not work 100% of the time nor does it work on 100% of the columns. The select column this does not work at all but the other 2 it does. When looking at the record by using ListGrid.getRecord(0) the correct data is there. Why is it that row 0 is the only row that is affected and why is it only editable columns that need the refresh?

    Calling ListGrid.filterData() automatically updates the data and you should not have a call to setData().

    Aside from that you are way out of date on patches. And you should not be doing new development on a version two releases behind the current one.

    Even having fixed the above issues, we'll need to see a minimal, ready-to-run test case to investigate this one - really does not sound like it would be a framework bug.


      Row number must have been passed.

      Please make sure that you are passing data with all necessary details, like total rows, data. Smartclient need those details to render the grid.