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    text selection on focus change with mouse click


    Is see an inhomogeneous behavior when editing in grid regarding text selection when an item gets the focus with the mouse:

    1. When the focus is changed by clicking with the mouse in a different field of the same row that is currently being edited:
    1.1 all the text in the new focused field is selected for a very short time
    1.2 then the selection is removed and the cursor is kept in the position the click was done
    2. When the focus is changed by clicking with the mouse in a field from a record that is not currently being edited:
    2.1 the text in the new focused field is selected and selection is kept

    Is this behavior intended? If so, could I force case 1 to behave in the way it does for case 2?

    This can be tested in current live examples [1]

    In addition, I've tried to change this behavior when editing in a DynamicForm so when focusing a field with the mouse the text gets selected.

    What I wrote:
        selectOnClick: true,
        fields: [
            {title: "Username", type: "text"  },
            {title: "Email", type: "text"}
    What I get: selectOnClick has no effect for me, when focusing in a different field using the mouse its text remains unselected.

    What I expect: text should be selected in the field that acquired the focus [2].

    Both issues tested in live examples [1], version ISC_100_BRANCH_2015-07-30_1438306266_alex_apex/WWW Deployment


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    We have detected that, in fact, it is a regression in Smartclient library.

    In 8.3d 2012-05-26 the behavior was correct (on click in a different cell in the same row, all the text was focused)

    Then, at some point between July-August 2012 this was broken in 8.3d, and it is still broken nowadays.

    The following video shows the issue:


      A quick note to let you know this is under investigation. We'll follow up with more information when we have it.

      Isomorphic Software


        A quick update on this:

        We are still looking into this issue.

        We have made a change which restores the old behavior for simple selectOnClick in a dynamicForm - but there appears to be a native browser behavior causing the deselection on mouseUp on every other focus change. Indeed this is also visible in older builds with your simple DynamicForm test case (above).

        The editable ListGrid item selection is obviously related, though there are some additional considerations there.
        It is likely we will not restore the old behavior of always selecting on click as a default but we may be adding a flag to support this or similar. In any case we'll follow up again when we have more information for you but just wanted to reassure you this is being actively investigated.

        Isomorphic Software



          Any news on the ListGrid item selection behavior?


            Yes - we have not added a flag to turn on "selectOnClick" behavior for ListGrid edit items as we are not convinced this is a commonly requested behavior - but you can achieve this easily enough by setting selectOnClick to true as part of the editorProperties for the item.
            You can do this at the field level or via an override to getEditorProperties on the grid itself:

            getEditorProperties: function (field) {
                var editor = this.Super("getEditorProperties", arguments);
                editor.selectOnClick = true;
                return editor;
            Please let us know if this doesn't meet your needs

            Isomorphic Software



              Thanks for your suggestion, I will try to use it...