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    Posted the screenshot.

    Here Firefox works fine, where IE doesn't show the headers and FusionCarts.

    Note: we are accessing these pages thru HTTPS.
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      Can't really tell what that is. Post a larger shot.

      General tip: use Fiddler to see if the media is loading or whether it might be missing.


        Not able to post larger size shot due to image size restriction.

        is there a email where i can send these screenshots and error logs.
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          That's not a grid that's gone white, its a SectionHeader from a SectionStack.

          You could get this effect if you were loading some external CSS that added a white background color to styles like "sectionHeaderTitle", or if your CSS styled all "TD" elements or similar. Try removing any non-SmartClient CSS until you find the issue.

          You can send large or confidential logs of screenshots to (but we don't need them now).


            We are not using any external CSS, but we are using the BlackOps skin.

            It looks perfectly fine in Firefox, but not in IE. The layout is defined as shown in the attached image.

            Also the fusion charts doesn't show up in IE. It says

            10:30:44.138:XRP6[E]:WARN:FusionChart:ActiveIssuersChart:src set to: ../FusionCharts/Charts/Pie3D.swf

            This FusionCharts directory is located same level as isomorphic.

            Every works perfectly fine in Firefox, what can be wrong with IE + HTTPS + Linux.
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              HTTPS + Linux is what parts of run on, as well as many deployed SmartClient applications. If you want to actually solve this issue, please follow the troubleshooting advice we've already given:

              General tip: use Fiddler to see if the media is loading or whether it might be missing.
              One thing that can happen on Linux is that the case of a filename can matter whereas it won't on Windows. So if you somehow botched the filenames, it would show up on a Linux server but not a Windows server.


                Fiddler output

                For flash URL it says this,

                Session was aborted by the client, Fiddler, or the Server.

                I'm just curious how the code works fine in FireFox but having so many issues in IE.

                We tried different skins, all skin have issues with curved edges for window and when we looked in load_skin.js, the code that has edges properties

                edgeImage: "[SKINIMG]Window/window.png",

                There is no image named window.png in Window dir of BlackOps skin.


                  The image files are named window_L.png and so forth and the Skinning Guide explains why. But why you would be looking at media for Window we're not sure, since we already explained that a SectionStack is what's missing media. Look in Fiddler for requests for SectionHeader/*.

                  In general, can you please use your judgement to put forward anything that might be relevant? We're spending a tremendous amount of time with you troubleshooting what is almost certain to be an Apache misconfiguration or similar on your part, unrelated to SmartClient.

                  Clearly any 404 for media in the Fiddler logs is interesting. Complete information for the "Session was aborted.." report you are seeing is also obviously relevant.


                    Still same problem.

                    We did looked for SectionStack and external CSS, we are not using any external CSS or TD as you mentioned.

                    It's definitely something to do with SmartClient framework that does things differently for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

                    As I mentioned earlier everything is fine in Firefox and Chrome, but only IE is having issue, we also tried setting the expires headers to future still same issue in IE.


                      Subash, the first thing we did was sanity check that SectionStacks and FusionCharts work normally in IE with a Linux+HTTPS server. And it works fine.

                      A difference in browser behavior does not at all imply a SmartClient bug, you can easily create such a difference by misconfiguring something or misusing something.

                      You clearly expect that we are miraculously going to hand you a fix. This is not going to happen because the problem is on your end. We have provided pointers to the tools you need to use to figure out what you've done wrong, and you need to take those recommended steps, or no progress will be made.

                      So, once again, use Fiddler to find out if there are media requests or requests for Flash files that aren't working, and if there are and its not obvious what's wrong, post complete information here.


                        Found the reason, why chart is not loading in IE with SSL.

                        It looks like all request from SmartClient is setting this value, is this true?

                        If so how to override or remove it.

                        Pragma No-cache
                        Cache-Control no-cache

                        We need to remove this entry inorder to have the FusionChart flash to work in IE with SSL, please refer the below URL



                          SmartClient's NoCache servlet will set those, however, it is not enabled by default in the web.xml provided as an example for production use (smartclientRuntime/WEB-INF/web.xml) and is not enabled for Flash even in the development settings (smartclientSDK/WEB-INF/web.xml). Maybe you enabled it for all URLs?

                          Also, you previously claimed that SmartClient was looking for the FusionChart .swf at the wrong URL. Was this incorrect?


                            Attaching web.xml, the FusionChart swf URL's are fine.

                            Attaching web.xml, the FusionChart swf URL's are fine, it works perfectly fine in FireFox.

                            The issue is only on IE when accessing the URL as HTTPS.

                            The only issue we have here is the Cache-Control and Pragma headers included in each req/resp.
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                              You're not using our NoCache servlet, so something other than SmartClient is setting those headers. You need to identify it.

                              Take a look at any security settings you may have on your servlet container. Some servlet containers disable caching by default in HTTPS for various mime types, or for all files.

                              If you are using Apache in addition to a servlet container, look through your Apache settings.


                                We have many web applications inside the same tomcat and using the same Apache, none of them puts those headers.

                                Only this webapp that has smartclient libraries has all requests with those headers.

                                Response Headers Value
                                (Status-Line) HTTP/1.1 200 OK
                                Date Wed, 08 Apr 2009 13:21:55 GMT
                                Server Apache/2.2.11 (Unix) mod_jk/1.2.27
                                Pragma No-cache
                                Cache-Control no-cache
                                Expires Wed, 31 Dec 1969 19:00:00 EST
                                Last-Modified Mon, 06 Apr 2009 13:50:07 GMT
                                Content-Length 51742
                                Keep-Alive timeout=5, max=78
                                Connection Keep-Alive