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  • claudiobosticco
    it would be nice to have a "save js code as" feature

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  • galloc76
    started a topic VisualBuilder upgrade

    VisualBuilder upgrade

    First, visualbuilder is really cool, a great tool. Some upgrades would make it downright sick...
    -allow me to edit the js/xml source and save it back to the preview pane in real time.
    -allow me to edit the fields collections of datasets, listgrids, forms, etc. In general, expose more properties in the designer.
    -give a templated way to visually create components. For example, I could drag a new component on the designer, and choose who he inherits from. All the plumbing code would automatically be generated for me. I could then drag widgets into the component, and the component itself would appear in the controls on the right hand side, enabling me to drag and drop it too.

    more complicated:
    -give me a way to create a project within the VD, such that all components and datasources I create are local to my project. Js definitions of these would be stored in myproj/datasources and myproj/customcomponents.

    insanely complicated and awsome:
    -give me a way to create a datasource by pointing to some live data (url or file), and dragging and dropping or selecting fields from that data. All xpath would be automatically generated.