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  • Isomorphic
    See this response. RC2 is a supported release with patches (see Addendums forum). 8.0 is nearing GA, stable nightly builds are available, and it's a monster upgrade over 7.0.

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  • andrewsharpe79
    started a topic SmartClient Roadmap

    SmartClient Roadmap

    When will there be a new release of the SmartClient?

    I have not been able to find a roadmap and the latest has been "rc2" for a long time now. This situation makes it difficult to convince bean counters that we can rely on this framework in production.

    It is also challenging to introduce it to someone new when it appears there has been little activity with a cursory glance (ie, it almost appears dead unless you dig deeper).

    Can someone from Isomorphic give any indication as to their intentions WRT the future of SmartClient?

    Thanks, A