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    Decoupled tabcontrols


    It would be great to have another TabSet implementation where we can decide for ourselves the place for the tabcontrols.

    For instance in the showcase: open a dozen tabs. I am talking about the "tab headers" together with the tabScroller, tabPicker and skin chooser.

    The same general layout should be kept (menu tree on the left, general pane on the right which moves up a bit) but the "tabmenubar" could be moved above the "Smart GWT Showcase" menubar and the alignment of the first tabtitle would be on the far left.

    Picture added to get the idea.

    I realize this layout actually is possible right now, but then every tabcanvas would hold a separate "Smart GWT Showcase menubar" and its own menu tree - which sounds overkill.
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    You are allowed to set the same pane on every tab. Then you can use the TabSelected event to make changes to the interior of the pane instead of switching to another pane.


      Fair enough on the design sent in screenshot. But I was thinking of total control of the layout of the tabheaders: order them in a grid of 2 columns/rows etc.