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    An IPAD skin


    I've been testing our application on various platforms and have found that some of the controls are difficult to use on the IPAD. For example if you want to press one of the buttons in the header of a window (e.g."close"), it can be quite fiddly to touch just the right spot. If you have big fingers like me then it is especially hard. Likewise with scrollbars.

    So I would like a skin where these controls are just a little bit bigger.

    I think the default text sizes are fine on the IPAD and I see no need to change the form fields.


    See Mobile Development overview in latest builds (


      Thanks for the response, but this is not what I am after at all.

      I am building an application that will be used on desktops and tablets, not phones. I am using the "Enterprise Blue" skin and the grids and form items are perfect as they are. I don't want to scale them up.

      The problem I'm having is that other controls, such as Window header buttons, scrollbars and resizers are so small they are difficult to use on a touch screen.
      The "Mobile" skin is the exact opposite of what I'm looking for. It makes the text and form items bigger (which I don't want) and leaves the other controls I mentioned so small as to be almost unusable.

      I have to look at the ipad not as a phone but as a desktop with a very clumsy mouse (i.e. touch screen).



        OK, now read the rest of the Mobile Development topic (it goes on to explain how to set the viewport, which will show controls in the expected sizes, not like a blown-up phone).


          I'm sorry, but I can't see what you're talking about. Perhaps we're looking at different things. Or maybe I'm just having one of my stupid days.

          In the SmartClient reference manual, there is a page titled "Mobile Application Development". This refers to a page on that describes how to scale the viewport. This isn't what I want. I only want to scale up specific controls within the application. If this is possible, could you please point me, once again, to what you are referring to?



            The combination of the Mobile Skin plus a correct call to set the viewport will result in appropriately sized controls. If you're not seeing this, please post a screenshot of what you are seeing, which should reveal what's wrong.

            Among other possibilities, you may be loading two skins - the QuickStart Guide gives the proper method for changing the current skin and explains how you might end up accidentally loading two.