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    Enhancement: hasRelatedRecord-validator with criteria / operationId

    Hi Isomorphic,

    I have a use case where I upload data with the BatchUploader. My ds.xml has fields with text-to-id translation like your sample here.
    Now some of the entries might no longer be available now from a business logic point of view, but can't be removed due to foreign keys pointing to it.
    Those have the field "available" set to false and these rows are filtered away in SelectItems etc in the GUI.

    The suggestion is to support filtering for hasRelatedRecord-validator as well. You could allow the criteria-tag that is already allowed on operationBinding-level.
    Additionally/Instead the validator could support an "operationId"-attribute, that defines the operationId for the fetch.
    With this, the operationBinding could add the criteria.

    The workaround now is to use a DMI validator.

    Thank you & Best regards

    This makes sense as a possible future enhancement, and we've noted it down.


      Hi all,

      as I have a issue in a related area and searched for old post I just noted that this one and this thread describe the same enhancement.

      Best regards