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    Different styling for FormItem titles/ hints

    Hi Isomorphic,

    I know that you support an in-box title for FormItems if there is not enough place left to the box using hints.
    The problem with this UI is that once there is data, the title/hint is gone.

    What do you think of an approach like this one:
    The hint moves out of the box and becomes a title once you enter the box. Of course you could also always display the title like this.
    I'm not sure I like the animation, but I definitely like that the title is visible all the time and does not take much space.

    Best regards

    As far as the value of the feature, that approach works well when input fields are very very large, as in a simple two-field login form you linked to.

    It's not as good when you want both titles and hints in some fields, which is common in enterprise apps.

    Also, leaving enough padding around each field for the title to fit comfortably would make the form less compact than is typically desired for an enterprise app.

    As far as implementing it, you could make each field into it's own DynamicForm and use the groupTitle / setIsGroup() APIs. This isn't especially efficient, but it's good enough for the small forms where this might be appropriate styling.