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  • "validationWarning" additional to "validationError" for DynamicForm

    Hi Isomorphic,

    how would you solve a use case like this?
    • Creating a person with birth date, where it is possible that the person is older than 100 years, but not likely.
    You can't use validationError here, but I'd like to warn the user so that he or she can double check.

    The mechanism would be the same as for validation errors, display would be analogue in DynamicForm, but with a yellow exclamation mark.
    This means serverside validator DMIs can add warnings like they add errors, same for client side validators, where there must be a validator-type (isWarning or isError).

    I'm pretty sure there is no such thing, yet. Would it qualify for the wishlist?

    Best regards

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    We would add some custom attributes to the DSResponse server-side and add client-side code to notice these attributes and show a warning in some way (you could reveal a StaticTextItem with the message, or it could be a pop-up that auto-fades, for example).

    This is a rare enough use case, and easy enough to handle, that we're unlikely to add it as a feature unless someone goes for a Feature Sponsorship.