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    Improvements to the look and feel of listgrid scroller

    The Listgrid is a fantastic component, but visually there's something that's always bugged me regarding the "scroller". It's always there, and there's always a small square in the upper right.

    Many other similar components in other framework have imo better solutions to this, such as it being layered transparently on top of the cells, and/or autohide.

    A good example is the MDBootstrap solution, which has a demo here:

    another example of auto-hide:

    I would love for the Isomorphic ListGrid to behave the same way.


    What you see in Vue is browser's standard scrollbar.
    You can disable SmartClient's scrollbar to have the same effect

    Small square that may be that

    Best regards,


      I hadn't even thought about whether the Vue example just is the built in one, because for me i've had pretty bad results using the build-in with smartgwt components:

      1. The scrolling is jittery and unpredictable in my listgrids (at least using 6.0).
      2. The square is still there! see screenshot. calling setLeaveScrollbarGap(false) doesn't help, neither does setScrollBar(0).

      Also, i think that just using the default scrollbar will make it look differently in different browsers, which is undesireable.

      Click image for larger version

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