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    HTML 5 client data storage support?

    I've seen a couple of questions and answers about future support for Google Gears as a data source but I'm wondering if there is any plan to support the HTML 5 client data storage proposed standard? It seems like the latest beta versions of some of the browsers are already incorporating support for the HTML 5 proposal.


    Yes we do plan both support for HTML5 storage and fallback strategies (Gears, Flash, IE and Firefox-specific support) when the standard is not implemented by a given browser. In fact if you dig into the 6.5.1 source you'll find preliminary offline mode support as well.

    If you feel like digging into this, people have succeeded with Gears integration following the approach suggested here - you can use the same approach for HTML5 storage and it would be great if you posted a sample.


      Update on HTML5 DOM storage support

      Hello, I'm curious if you have any updates on your planned support for HTML5 DOM storage as mentioned below. I searched the docs and the forums and didn't find anything specific so thought I'd ask for an update here.


        The main new item is that DataSources now support dataProtocol:"clientCustom" (in 8.0 nightlies), which allows you to more easily do integration with any in-browser provided of data.