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    Tools to Produce Developer Documentation

    It would be really nice to be able to generate developer documentation, similar to javadocs or even Isomorphic's own documentation, driven by comments in the source.

    I've tried JSDoc, but it really doesn't play well with isc.defineClass().

    We agree, none of available the third-party doc formats or tools really works well for describing a class-based system like SmartClient.

    It would be a valid Feature Sponsorship if you wanted to have our internal documentation system make available as a supported feature.

    This would look like:
    1. docs for the JSDoc format we use on our source
    2. a Java command-line tool you run on your code
    3. the ability to have your docs appear inside the SmartClient Reference, so you could search your own docs right next to the main SmartClient docs. (or you could view just your docs separately if you prefer)