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    I would like to have one or more boards for user2user discussions such as 'Did anyone do THIS before?' or 'How would you implement THAT?' Hard to post such things without violating the current structure of the Forum. Suggested structure would be

    - SmartClient-specific
    - SmartGWT-specific
    - Client Server Issues
    - DataBase Issues

    What do you think? Not that much effort at your side I'd say and maybe this is helpful both to the Community and your Support staff (by reducing traffic in the other boards)?


    * GWT Rocks! * SmartGWT Rocks Even Harder! * SmartGWT PRO 2.0,
    GWT 2.0, Jetty 7.0.0, Eclipse 3.5.1, JRE 1.6.0_16 *
    For Evaluation only: MySQL 5.1.41, Connector/J 5.1.10

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