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    Full support for UI state save/restore

    imho it is a good idea to respect user changes in UI - number & width of columns in grids etc, and to save them between sessions. Now, there is some support for that - ListGrid & TreeGrid have get/setViewState. But (talking about smartgwt, at least)

    1 It would be fine to have such methods for all widgets, or at least full control for UI state. For example, it is impossible to get/set height of section stacks, so one cant restore user changes

    2 It is not possible to listen to changes. One way is to add listeners for such events to all widgets, another is to have centralized control over that - one listener, receiving all information about UI changes

    Not sure what you mean about section stack heights not being settable - if you want to persist the height, you'd get the heights of each of the contained components and save those, and apply them on creation.

    However, yes, it would be great if all components just offered a flag that you could set to cause them to automatically persist user preferences. The is something that could be added via Feature Sponsorship.