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    Improvement suggestion: Positioning of SelectItem / ComboBoxItem dropdown

    Hi Isomorphic,

    I have an improvement suggestion for the positioning of SelectItem / ComboBoxItem dropdowns.

    If possible, the Dropdown should not hide the SelectItem/ComboBoxItem itself.
    If the value set in setPickListHeight() makes this impossible, you can't do anything about it. But in other cases, an improvement is possible.

    What you currently do:
    If the DD can't be placed below the item in full without hiding the item itself, you put the lower end to the bottom of the browser window and make it as high as required - hiding the item itself.

    If the place above the item is more than below the item and sufficient to hold the whole DD, you could put the DD lower end to the top of the item.
    This way, one can see the current selection when using the dropdown.

    This is the normal way the browser (in my case FF11) handles a html select dropdown (see the "Notification Type" select when you edit a new entry in this forum).

    Best regards,
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    I stumbled upon this post because we're seeing the same behavior. It can also be seen in the show case if run in a small browser window e.g.

    The OP posted this as a /feature suggestion/. It's hard to believe that among the 1000ds of settings in SmartGWT there isn't one that controls this behavior? I checked the ComboBoxItem Javadoc high and it really missing?
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      This is already fixed in 3.1. There's no setting, it's just automatic.


        Ok, that's good to know. How "automatic" is it then i.e. how's the behavior in the various scenarios?


          Not sure what this means; just let us know if you find a scenario that doesn't work well.


            Not fixed for me. See


              Just a quick note to let you know this is not forgotten.
              It got pushed back by some more severe issues but we have a developer scheduled to take a look. We'll let you know when we have more information.

              Isomorphic Software


                We've made some changes to address this in the 3.1p / 4.0d branches. Please try the next nightly build (March 21 or above) and let us know if this continues to cause problems for you

                Isomorphic Software