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  • Nonstandard form focus behavior on Android Chrome

    SmartClient v11.0p_2017-06-12/LGPL Development Only

    Android Chrome 58.0.3029.83 on Motorola Moto X 2nd gen Android v6.0

    TextItem and TextAreaItem fields exhibit "sticky" focus behavior in Android Chrome which differs from basic html forms.

    Steps to reproduce:

    * Open

    * Tap on the Text field at the top. This opens the virtual keyboard.

    * Hide the virtual keyboard.

    * Tap on the white space outside the text field. Observe that the Text field still has focus and the keyboard is shown again, even if the field is no longer visible due to scrolling.


    This behavior is different than a basic html form and can be surprising to the user.

    I did notice that tapping-and-holding for a couple seconds does remove focus from the field and hides the keyboard. I'm guessing this is firing a context menu event which moves the focus to the DynamicForm.

    Is there a reason for this nonstandard behavior?

    It works as expected on iOS and desktop Chrome.