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  • Selenium server reports "Method is not present on Selenium interface: isElementClickable"


    - Firefox 45 ESR
    - Selenium IDE 2.9.1

    i try to record and replay a short test on the SmartGWT showcase page as proof of concept. Recording apparently works but when playing back already on the first "waitForElementClickable" the server shows errors and the test fails.

    15:16:07.974 INFO - Command request: isElementClickable[scLocator=//testRoot[]/member[Class=DynamicForm||index=0||length=1||classIndex=0||classLength=1]/item[name=firstName||title=First%20name||index=0||Class=TextItem]/element, ] on session 88e8fbcf-1eeb-44e6-ab0b-9e02a5a64752
    15:16:08.478 INFO - Got result: ERROR,Method is not present on Selenium interface: isElementClickable on session 88e8fbcf-1eeb-44e6-ab0b-9e02a5a64752
    Server is started with
     java \
     -Dwebdriver.firefox.bin="F:\programs\Mozilla Firefox 45\firefox.exe" \
     -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.53.1.jar \
     -userExtensions "F:\programs\_selenium\user-extensions.js"
    The Selenium extensions from SmartClient v11.1 are used.

    Related to that and as (at least) already asked here and here it would be very good to have updated documentation. On
    it does not say that an outdated Firefox version and the legacy Selenium IDE extension must be used and it's not that obvious.

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    Can you provide the script you're running? How are you running it? If you attempt to run it from inside Selenium IDE, does that work?


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      Thanks for the response.

      Now when I tried to reproduce it is working. Apparently I tried the playback with WebDriver and thought I could work with the user-extensions.js provided to the server. But as the docs say it must be done without WebDriver.