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  • Expandable records result unexpected behaviour


    I have a listgrid which contains expandable records. While scrolling up and down in the listgrid, If I expand one record, some other record is getting expanded, not the selected one. And Sometimes if I scrolled all the way down, record expandable feature is not working. What would be the probable cause for this kind of behavior ??

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    Please show how this can be reproduced, including basics such as what product you are using, what version, and what browser you are testing in.


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      Version - smartgwt 12
      Browser - chrome

      I have reproduced the scenario. Can I share that recorded video here ??


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        Hi, I attached the work flow clip


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          Hi AnutharshaSelvarasa

          Originally posted by AnutharshaSelvarasa View Post
          I have reproduced the scenario. Can I share that recorded video here ??
          I'm using animated Gifs created with ScreenToGif for this.

          Best regards


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            Please see the FAQ - you are reporting only partial information about versions and browser, and you also didn't mention your platform. Posting complete information is always required, with your initial post.

            A video of your application unfortunately doesn't help us to reproduce the problem. All we can see is that after one open/close cycle, it appears as if clicks are offset down. Better than the video would be to tell us:

            1. does the offset happen for all clicks, eg, just clicks to select a record without expanding it?

            2. is it for just the grid where it happened, or all components further down in the page?

            3. it looks like you are using browser-level scrolling. Try using best practices and use a SmartGWT component as the top-level container - this would correct the problem if it's a browser scrolling bug (there are many)

            4. are you using relative positioning here? That's also not a best practice, so get rid of it if you can


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              Thank you. We will try the best practices