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  • Tabs on desktop vs mobile

    Hi, we just started looking at re-doing at least parts of our desktop app to make it work better on mobile.

    The root of it is currently a tabset. I looked at the mobile development page but couldn't find whether or not this is possible:

    I would like for the tabset to have tabs on the right and content on the left as our app currently works on desktop, but on mobile devices i want the tabs to take up the entire screen and the user having to click through and then back to select another tab. Is this possible out-of-the-box or do i have to code this using a split pane somehow?

    Ponters would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Please read the Mobile Development overview. You have to "code" this using SplitPane, but all you have to do is place your tabset and content in the two panes and all the rest is automatic, including built-in navigation between panes that automatically appears on mobile. So it's just a replacement for the HLayout you are presumably using now.


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      Hey, thanks for responding quickly. I have read but will read again.

      One thing: I just tried your showcase, and it works *just* as i want :) with the exception that i dont want the navtree to the left but simple tabs. I'll read the mobile again and find where it addressses that, thanks.