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    Issues with right-clicking on cube grids to hide column facets


    When I right click on the STA Rundir column in my cube grid, I see options to hide the column facets. This is good and the intended behavior. See here:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	ss_1.png Views:	0 Size:	47.1 KB ID:	259971

    However, when I right-click on the PV Rundir facet or the one below that, I see only one option grayed out. This does not allow me to hide the facets. See here:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	ss_2.png Views:	0 Size:	34.6 KB ID:	259972

    Could you please fix this? It is difficult for some users to hide facets with right-click since there is only one option which is grayed-out.
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    It's not 100% clear from your screengrab, but it appears as if there might only be one facetValue for your two innermost column facets (so including "PV Rundir") per parent facetValue. That's based on the facetValues for column facet "STA Rundir" only spanning one facetValue of next more inner facet. Take a look at the Basic Cube Sample to see our point. There, you can clearly see that, for example, "January" spans two facetValues of the next more inner facet.

    If true, then what you're seeing is expected behavior, since that context menu isn't designed to let you hide the last facetValue under a parent facetValue, leaving no facetValues


      Could you potentially then add support for making the right-click menu allow customizations? Or is there currently any way to do this? Allowing something such as "Hide Column" would suffice.


        You can do context menu customization now by defining the CubeGrid.facetValueContextItems property.



          Is there a fully programmatic way to deselect an item under "Values", i.e. entirely within the code, that would perform the same as if the user deselected one of these?

          See here:

          Click image for larger version

Name:	column_deselect_value.png
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            The context menu functionality you mention relies on some internal APIs. We're considering whether it makes sense to expose and document them.


              The needed APIs are available in today's nightly builds (2020-01-03) of SGWT 12.0 and newer branches. See CubeGrid APIs hideFacetValues() and showFacetValues().

              The FacetValueMap simply describes the path to the facetValue you want to manipulate. You can easily build it yourself, or you can get it using the APIs getColumnHeaderFacetValues() or getRowHeaderFacetValues().