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    Calendar issue with daylight saving start date (LGPL v12.0)

    Hi Isomorphic,

    I see an issue when navigating the simple calendar (day view) to the next day when that day is the start of daylight saving. Using your link below when I navigate using next button from the 3rd October the day jumps to the 5th October. Daylight saving starts at 2AM on the 4th. The time zone I’m in is AEST (Australia, Sydney). If I use the date picker to select the 4th it jumps back the the 3rd. Has there been any fix for this behavior?

    Many thanks Colin.

    We'll take a look and update here when we have more information.


      Hi Isomorphic,

      Have you any further details or fixes regarding this daylight saving stated in previous post. The issue can be seen in the showcase link I provided. Is any further detail required.

      Many Thanks Col.


        This one slipped through the net - we see the problem and we'll update here shortly, once it's fixed.


          This had already been fixed in 13.0 a while ago, and the fix has now been ported back to 12.1 and 12.0.

          Please retest with a build dated February 12 or later.


            Hi Isomporphic,

            I just tried the 12.0p showcase with build date 2021-02-11 and the issue still appears. Am I missing something?


            Many Thanks,


              As we said, please retest with a build dated February *12* or later.