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    SmartGWT 6.1 is incompatible with Java17

    Compiling GWT application built with SmartGWT 6.1 on Java17 is failing with ambiguous class error for "".

    Obviously, this conflicts with the "Record" class introduced by more recent versions of Java.

    We have switched to SmartGWT 13 but we are still running tests for filters built with SmartGWT 6.1

    Is there a more recent version of SmartGWT 6.1-p20210902 compatible with Java17 ?
    Last edited by eliasbalasis; 1 Jul 2023, 07:10.

    Sorry, no, SmartGWT 6.1 is more than 5 years old and we don't plan to update it for Java 17.

    It's not clear why you still need to run tests on the older version while using the newer version, but if you need this, a simple fix is not to upgrade the older environment to use the latest JVM.


      As explained, this is for testing of old SmartGWT filters created with SmartGWT 6.1

      However, our systems will be eventually forced to be built on Java17 and that's when our SmartGWT old filter tests will start breaking, as we have proven.

      I guess our only option is to abandon the SmartGWT old filter tests and transform the old filters.


        Or just run those tests on SmartGWT 13?

        If your application will be running on SmartGWT 13 why are you testing on SmartGWT 6.1?


          As long as we have running filters created with SmartGWT 6.1 we are obliged to test them on both SmartGWT 6.1 and SmartGWT 13 for verification of compatibility.
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            Sorry, we're lost: if by "filters" you mean "criteria", we have maintained compatibility for criteria since SmartGWT 1.0.

            Bigger picture, if you are migrating all applications to SmartGWT 13.0, and that's what they are running on in production, why would you continue to test with SmartGWT 6.1?

            But if you are keep some SmartGWT 6.1 applications and not updating them to SmartGWT 13.0, why would you then upgrade that environment's Java version, but nothing else - why not also migrate to SmartGWT 13.0 as part of the same effort?


              I confused you unintentionally.

              I indeed meant "criteria".

              It is great to know that compatibility has been maintained and I expect this to continue.

              With continuation of compatibility guaranteed, it is implied that we don't need criteria tests for SmartGWT 6.1 and we can safely switch to Java17.