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  • IE issue Layout is moving in 1024*768


    I am using SmartGWT version pro 3.1(24th May 2013) and IE version 8,9,10 Chrome Version 29.0.1547.66 m

    As we are using ListGrid having check box, when we click in IE browser for the first time it get checked properly but moves little further and next click wont allow us to check the checkbox. It will get checked if we click some what left of the checkbox. This issue is particular to IE version specified above. But works fine in chrome.

    Please help me to achieve this.


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    1) make sure you are using the HTML5 DOCTYPE as covered in the FAQ

    2) make sure you are not zoomed - browser-level zoom has too many bugs for it to be supportable in IE

    3) make sure you have no CSS in your application except what comes with SmartGWT

    At that point, if you're still seeing an issue, we need a minimal, ready-to-run test case that reproduces the problem.


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      we have checked the points provided by you in previous thread as the issue still exists so we have created a sample.

      Please find the attached files.
      Attached Files


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        For me, a similar effect was caused by reason 2) Isomorphic gave.


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          You're using RootPanel.add(), don't do this, use draw() (the QuickStart guide covers this).

          You're also introducing browser-level scrollbars by doing some odd and seemingly unnecessary sizing logic of your own. Whenever scrolling is active, clicking on a component that takes keyboard focus will cause the browser to automatically scroll that component into view.

          In this case, clicking on the checkbox gives focus to the grid body, hence the small motion on mousedown.

          This is the browser itself doing this scrolling, hence it's unavoidable unless you eliminate scrolling.