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    SmartGWT Enterprise Edition available now!

    SmartGWT Enterprise Edition (SmartGWT EE for short) is a commercially licensed version of SmartGWT that includes Java Server side functionality, additional tools, and a classic commercial license in lieu of the LGPL.

    SmartGWT EE provides the ability to bind a grid or form component to a SQL table or Hibernate/JPA entity by just providing the tableName (SQL) or Java className (Hibernate/JPA). A complete UI for search, sorting and editing data is provided, and you can then customize the UI and add business logic without destroying the automatic functionality.

    SmartGWT EE can also be connected to custom Java server code, typically by just specifying what method to call for each CRUD operation.

    In both scenarios SmartGWT provides a long list of features needed for any enterprise application, including HTML5 charts, including automatic generation of UI from Java beans, various kinds of exports (CSV, true Excel, PDF), automatic handling of batch saves (for transactions), and many more features explained here.
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    Hi there, just read the blog post on this. We'd love to simplify things since we are using Hibernate and have a full universe of DTOs we maintain as well to translate between our Hibernate objects and Smartclient. Is this hibernate simplification available to anyone using SmartClient 7.0 or just for SmartGWT? Also, it seems like SmartGWT is getting a lot of attention these days. Is there any standard migration path for people wanting to switch from plain SmartClient to SmartGWT?


      what about visual builder downloadable demo ?

      what about visual builder downloadable demo ?


        Nice job

        Thanks for all the work done.
        How can we test the visual builder part of SmartGWT EE ?


          The distribution of SmartGWT EE has a showcase.war file. Just deploy this locally to run the SmartGWT EE showcase. Tomcat users can simply drop this in the "wepapps" directory.

          You can then access the showcase by going to http://localhost:8080/showcase/ Clicking on the Visual Builder link in the side nav will launch the Visual Builder.


            Impressed. The features are really compelling and I can see it reducing our dev time by quite a bit.


     thanks for the answer

              Thanks for the quick answer about visual builder.
              I'm going to test it now.
              Thanks a lot.


                Good news!

                But I want to know, how long you will support in the future bundle of server side components for java 1.4 and servlets 2.3?
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                  I downloaded the SmartGWT EE.

                  In the developer console, I am getting the code as JavaScript or XML and not java.

                  Is there any way to get the java code?

                  Thank you.


                    Error: FilesystemDataSource.enabled in config to turn it on


                    I'm trying to use the SmartClient Visual builder. I've deployed it on JBoss 4.2 and it looks very promising. I'd like to import an example into it but am getting the following error in the app server log:

                    12:08:43,776 INFO [STDOUT] === 2009-04-02 12:08:43,776 [80-5] ERROR IDACall - Top-level servlet error:
                    java.lang.Error: Attempt to instantiate FilesystemDataSource denied. Set FilesystemDataSource.enabled in config to turn it on
                    at com.isomorphic.datasource.FilesystemDataSource.<clinit>(

                    How do I 'Set FilesystemDataSource.enabled in config'?

                    Many thanks


                      @Halabe If you meant Visual Builder rather than the Developer Console, see the section in the blog anouncement about "SmartGWT EE Future Features".

                      @lanroth That's enabled in, which should be in your classpath. Note that the "skeleton" project doesn't have this enabled because it allows applications to write to the filesystem, so it's only appropriate to use in a development environment. However, future versions of Visual Builder are being designed to be self-contained so that system-wide settings do not have to be changed to allow the tool to be used.

                      The actual setting to use in is "FilesystemDataSource.enabled: true"
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                        Please help!!
                        i was using smartgwt client only, but i see that smartgwtee published. I downloaded it, but i understand that all samples developed with maven2 which i dont familiar with it, i downloaded maven2 for gwt and plug it into eclipce, i could manage create smartgwt maven project and i could run project as maven application.

                        I saw that there was a skeleton project for smartgwtee, But when i want to integrate smartgwt with smartgwtee i had error such that:

                        [WARN] StandardContext[]Exception starting filter CompressionFilter
                        java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.isomorphic.servlet.CompressionFilter
                        My eclipce screenshots are below, if someone could help me i would be very happy.
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                          Hi Mkurul,

                          That class is in isomorphic_core_rpc.jar and I see from your screenshot that you have it in WEB-INF/lib, which is correct. Check the actual deployment directory of whatever application server you are using, Eclipse may have failed to copy the file, so try re-deploying.

                          If that doesn't help, you can also disable that particular servlet for now by just removing it from web.xml, to see if you get a clearer error.


                            so thanks for your quick answer.


                              SmartClient server support


                              Congratulations with your great product! I have one problem though with the smartgwtee BuiltInDS sample. I used the maven build and deployed it but when I select a datasource the grid just shows 'Loading data...'

                              The developer console says: "MUP1:WARN:DataSource:animals:Attempt to perform iscServer request requires options SmartClient server support - not present in this build".

                              The same happens when I build and run the smartgwtee showcase.

                              But when I load and run the showcase.war that came included in the enterprise download, everything works perfect...

                              I searched the forum but could not find something relevant. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong here?