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    @pe It looks like you've mixed together SmartClient runtime files (ISC_Core.js) from SmartGWT and SmartGWT EE. Use the ones from SmartGWT, they contain special logic for the protocol used with the SmartClient Server.


      Yes, you´re right. I did a clean install on another PC and was able to build and deploy a correct working version.

      Thanks for your remark. One question regarding licensing: I read about the "SmartGWT / SmartClient Pro" license for small enterprises ($600 - $800) and am thinking of purchasing this. What is unclear for me is wether this version does include DS-DMI and the builtinDS / HibernateDS / Custom DS functionality as included with the downloadable SmartGWTEE?

      Is there a feature-list of what is exactly included in the "SmartGWT / SmartClient Pro" offering?



        @pe we're putting together a new licensing page that will explain the feature breakdown in depth with links to docs and examples for the features that you only get Pro or Enterprise.

        But the short answer is that the features you mention are all available in Pro. Only these features are Enterprise only:
        • Server-side Advanced Search for SQL/Hibernate (This means server-side support for executing AdvancedCriteria searches. Simple Criteria searches come with Pro.)
        • SQL / HQL Templating (not yet shown anywhere)
        • Transaction Chaining
        • Batch DataSource Generator (but simple DataSource Generator tool comes with Pro).
        • Batch Uploader (not yet shown anywhere)
        • Network Performance Module (see SmartClient Reference)
        • Analytics Module (see SmartClient reference)
        • Real-time Messaging Module (see SmartClient Reference)


          Installing GWTEE

          As described in the getting started guide,

          1) i create XML DataSource defintion under webapp/shared/ds/dsName.ds.xml
          2) i create two line dsName.ds.jsp file under webaPP/
          3) in my html file i inserted
          <script src='../dsName.ds.jsp'></script>
          after loading smartclient js's in body
          4) when i try to run myapp as maven build
          i got an error :
          [TRACE] Loading module 'employees.ds.jsp'
          [ERROR] Unable to find 'employees/ds/jsp.gwt.xml' on your classpath; could be a typo, or maybe you forgot to include a classpath entry for source?
          am i missing something?


            It appears you are trying to run the entire app using the GWT hosted mode. You need to run the server separately, and then run the client hosted mode with the -noserver option and point to the real server.

            Have you tried running one of the samples provided in the distribution? There is a readme file with instructions on how to build and run. I would suggest you try this first if you haven't already done so.


              Oh i got it. Yes i was trying embedded tomcat server. Client and server at the same time. I will try seperate server.


                Where to start?


                I'm a little lost with the SmartGWT EE. I'm looking for answers in the documentation and forums, but I'm getting confused.

                I'm not understanding how to generate de DS from a Java file with the Hibernate Bean, and use it with my application.

                All I generated is a XML describing the DataSource

                How can I create the Java Source Code (both Client and Server) with the DataSource and Server Integrations to use in the GWT Application?

                Is there some Step-by-step tutorial showing how to build a complete example application from scratch?

                Well, maybe I misunderstood the purpose of SmartGWT EE. Just to be clear, is it possible to do the following with SmartGWT EE?

                1) I have a Java source code with a Hibernate Entity
                2) Using SmartGWT EE, I will select this source code, and generate Java code with the DataSource for the Client Side and Java code with the controller for the server side
                3) In my SmartGWT application, I will set the generated Java DataSource class to, for example, a ListGrid, so I can manipulate the data
                4) In the server side, the generated controller will proper manage the CRDU operations that I do in the ListGrid

                Are these expectations of what SmartGWT EE can offer right?

                Thanks in advance,


                  @ceravolo the problem is that it's simpler than you think :) For a basic connection to Hibernate no Java is generated or needs to be written.

                  Go into the Visual Builder and pick "New", then "Existing SQL Table (via Hibernate)". You will see a list of beans you have registered with Hibernate. Pick one, pick Next, pick "Save DataSource". Your new DataSource is the first in the list and can be immediately dragged onto components within Visual Builder and used for search, update, add, remove.

                  To load it in your application use the technique shown in the samples of creating a .jsp with a loadDS tag as the only contents, and using <SCRIPT src=> to load that .jsp. Having done so, you get the live DataSource instance via DataSource.get("dataSourceId").

                  You don't need to write any Java until you want to add business logic - see the DMI settings on SupplyItemSpringDMI.ds.xml in this sample for an example of that.

                  Note we're also eliminating the need to create a .jsp with a loadDS tag in the next revision.


                    Problems with purchased Pro License


                    I recently purchased a SmartClient_70RC3_Pro license but I still see a "license expired" warning when I start my application although I:

                    1. replaced the isomorphic_*.jar files in the WEB-INF/lib
                    2. cleared the browser cache
                    3. replaced the isomorphic login, skins and system files in the web-app with the 70RC3 versions

                    I see in the Developer Console the line:

                    "SmartClient Version: 7.0beta4 (expires 2009-05-11) Licensed to: Isomorphic Software (#ISC_Eval_7beta4)"

                    Is there an additional step I forgot or should I enter specific license details somewhere in a config-file?

                    Thanks in advance,


                      @pe No further steps. You have stale files somewhere - the version you are seeing in the Developer Console is clearly not from your Pro package.


                        Hi Isomorphic,

                        Thanks for your reply. It works with the provided smartSDK examples but fails with my smartgwt-based web-app. I should've mentioned this in my first post.

                        Could it be that what is generated from smartgwt / smartgwtee needs some moderation so that it uses / generates the correct 70RC3 Pro js files?
                        Or are there adapted smartgwt and/or smartgwtee jar files? or can the compile step be tuned so that it uses the 7Pro files?



                          Hi Pieter,

                          We checked our records and you were inadvertently given a SmartClient rather than SmartGWT Pro package. We recommend continuing to work with the SmartGWT EE distribution linked to in this thread (ignore the harmless "Expired" warnings) until we can get you a new build of SmartGWT Pro later this week - you've effectively bought the product in advance of official general availability.

                          If you need a workaround for those "Expired" messages (eg you have a demo to show), contact use via


                            Hi Isomorphic,

                            Ok, no problem as I've no demos planned. Glad to hear that it's just a distribution issue. I'll work with the SmartGWT EE distribution and wait for the Pro update later this week then.

                            Kind regards,


                              Need help

                              Hello i am new to gwt , and smargwtee
                              I somehow learned how to build gwt projects.
                              But i can not figure out how to build and run smartgwtee project from skeleton (that is provided with the smartgwtee package).
                              Can shomeone help me to figure out, how it is done?
                              I tried samples they ( with help of ReadMe.txt in each sample: mvn install, gave me a .war file wich i deployed on my web server)
                              Now i can't understand how to build my own project, skeleton doesn't contain the pom file that would help to build me .war file.
                              Or i shoul write it myself.
                              Waiting for suggestions, please help.


                                You can simply take one of the samples (other than the larger showcase) and use that as a starting point as it includes all the pieces, a working example as well as a maven project file for building a war.