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    Spikelee can you send me a ping mail on
    I would like to exchage some info related to smartgwt ee.


      Originally posted by Isomorphic
      A new release of SmartGWT EE is available for download.
      Hi Isomorphic,

      I was wondering if you would consider added version numbers to the isomorphic_*.jar files to make it easier to upgrade from version to version? With version numbers you can just glance and see if you need to replace the jar.

      Also, I'm not seeing the smartgwt-skins.jar or the isomorphic_js_parser.jar. Are they not needed or replaced/included?



        Hi Eric,
        You'll need to update your isomorphic_*.jar files pretty much with every new release of SmartGWT EE unless no SmartGWT Server code change was made between releases which is quite unlikely. We'll add a version to the jar files in a future release.

        You don't need isomorphic_js_parser.jar. We'll update the Eclipse project files in the next release.

        smartgwt-skins.jar is required only if you're using themes other than Enterprise. We'll add this file in our next release. Out of curiosity, which theme are you currently using?


          Originally posted by

          smartgwt-skins.jar is required only if you're using themes other than Enterprise. We'll add this file in our next release. Out of curiosity, which theme are you currently using?
          I have this in my module file - not sure it's correct but I like what I see.

          <inherits name='com.smartclient.theme.enterprise.EnterpriseResources' />

          Thanks for the quick reply,


            Okay, that's the Enterprise theme.


              Visual builder

              Originally posted by Isomorphic
              @ceravolo the problem is that it's simpler than you think :) For a basic connection to Hibernate no Java is generated or needs to be written.

              Go into the Visual Builder and pick "New", then "Existing SQL Table (via Hibernate)". You will see a list of beans you have registered with Hibernate. Pick one, pick Next, pick "Save DataSource". Your new DataSource is the first in the list and can be immediately dragged onto components within Visual Builder and used for search, update, add, remove.

              To load it in your application use the technique shown in the samples of creating a .jsp with a loadDS tag as the only contents, and using <SCRIPT src=> to load that .jsp. Having done so, you get the live DataSource instance via DataSource.get("dataSourceId").

              You don't need to write any Java until you want to add business logic - see the DMI settings on SupplyItemSpringDMI.ds.xml in this sample for an example of that.

              Note we're also eliminating the need to create a .jsp with a loadDS tag in the next revision.
              Where can i find the visual builder? I'm using myeclipse


                Visual Builder is included in the Showcase. The Showcase is included in the SmartGwt EE package as a deployable .war.


                  You can alternatively inherit

                  <inherits name=""/>
                  and programatically call

                  We'll look into adding a simple convenience project with an ant target that launches the Visual Builder.


                    A new SmartGWT Pro / Enterprise package has been released with radically expanded documentation, including documentation of all elements and attributes that are legal in .ds.xml files, and overviews of how to use them. See the first post in the thread for pointers into the some of the most interesting new documentation, as well as the download link for the new version.

                    If the new documentation still leaves you with questions, this is a good place to post them.


                      Edit profile dependent data


                      I was wondering how profile dependent data editing is best done with smartgwtee. For example, I have an application when clients can log in, and they would have the possibility to edit their own contact data. How would I make sure they only edit their own data? Is there some way to bind session dependent data to the database query? Or would this require a javabean datasource?

                      Best regards, Bo


                        @valbosoft See the User-Specific Data sample.


                          starter question

                          Ok, great example.

                          I'm trying to get my grips on smartgwt ee. I thought an easy step by step approach would be the best, so I want to change the SQL CRUD example in the showcase to connect to my own PostgreSQL database. However, it doesn't seem to obtain the correct datasource (I'm sure it must be a stupid little detail).
                          What I did was:
                          1. I created a datasource with the datasource wizard.
                          2. I placed it in the /ds directory
                          3. I changed, uncommented the postgresql definitions, changed them to the correct database settings; just to be sure I also put this databse as the default.
                          4. In, I changed the datasource definition to: DataSource dataSource = DataSource.get("agenda");

                          When I access the example in the browser, I get the following error:
                          Uncaught JavaScript exception [java.lang.NullPointerException: null
                          	at com.smartgwt.client.widgets.grid.ListGrid.setDataSource(
                          	at com.smartgwt.sample.showcase.client.ShowcasePanel.<init>(
                          So somehow the datasource isn't recognized. Any clues?

                          Regards, Bo


                            The datasource has not been loaded. Did you load the DataSource definition?

                            Load the DataSource definition client-side by including the following line in the body of your GWT host html file.

                            <script src='sc/DataSourceLoader?dataSource=employees,supplyItem'></script>

                            Specify a comma separated list of DataSource ID's for the dataSource parameter. The above line would load the employees and supplyItem datasources from the server.
                            See the Getting Started doc.


                              Ok, that worked! Thanks.


                                Ok, the getting started page is a good tip!

                                There I see that there's a skeleton project. Is this included in the smartgwtee-1.2.1 file? I can't seem to find it.. Any other place?