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    Any Dutch developers using SmartClient?

    I would like to get in contact with Dutch developers using SmartClient. I use the plain Javascript version (not SmartGWT) and have been using the product for half a year now. I do like it, but I sometimes end up figuring out things for hours (or even days) and was wondering if others might be of assistance (and vice versa).

    I already spent some time on the phone with the people of Isomorphic and their help is great, but I can't afford many hours of support (by phone), so I'm looking for different ways of gettings things done.

    Hi Wally,
    I am dutch and have been looking at/using Smartclient for a prototype the past few months.

    I am not sure if my forum profile shows my email. In any case you can reach me at mtaal at

    Drop me an email, I am always interested to get into contact with other locals using the same technology as I do.

    gr. Martin


      Hi Wally,

      I'm not Dutch but I live here in Belgium as my username indicates. In relation to yourself I don't have as much experience (only two months) but maybe I can be useful as a sounding board.

      I am also using the plain Javascript version.

      You can contact me at lochristi {[dot]} belgium at