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  • ISC Dev Console Issue


    Using ISC LGPL version 8.2p (2012/01/24), under both FF and Chrome (haven't tried other browsers), the ISC developer
    console doesn't seem to be showing the red line around components when clicking on items from the watch pane.

    Is it only me who's experiencing this issue ? Has that changed since 8.0 ?

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    Seems to be fine - you might be looking at a Dev Console that's actually associated with a tab that isn't your active tab.


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      I actually had the same problem a couple of days ago but it now works with 2012-01-26 build


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        Thanks. I knew I wasn't that stupid ... ;-)

        I'll wait to upgrade and confirm, as I believe I've found another issue which will most probably require fixing ...


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          Yep. I confirm LGPL version 8.2p from 2012/01/24 is messed up. The Dev Console does indeed not
          work properly, by not highlighting in red, items when they get selected.

          And Yes the version from 2012/01/27 does fix the issue.

          This brings me to few points :

          1) When I report issues and give you precise version information and get back answers such as the
          one given here "Seems to be fine - you might be ...", it's frustrating because I spend extra time trying
          to figure out what's wrong with my setup, when nothing is wrong, and there's indeed a bug in the
          framework ... You guys ask us to provide specifics when we report issues, on your side, you should
          test using those specifics before answering. You don't want to waste your time, but I don't want to
          waste mine either.

          2) I'm trying to stabilize a release so we can go to production, therefore I can't upgrade as frequently as
          you'd probably like me to, with your daily builds, to fix issues on a release branch that should be stable in
          the first place.

          3) It seems that every time I grab a fresher copy of 8.2p, I get my issue fixed, but get 2-3 other things
          that are broken ...

          4) Talking about stability, that 8.2p from 2012/01/24 also contained other major issues such as ListGrid selectionChanged()
          events not being fired, etc ... Obvious and critical issues that make me wonder about the quality process around your
          deliveries on that branch (8.2p) which, from my understanding should be production grade ... Are any regression
          testing performed ?

          Sorry about all of this frustration, but I definitely need to get a version of 8.2p that IS PRODUCTION grade/quality,
          so I can move my application to production ...

          What do you recommend, as I've been working towards this for a few weeks now ?

          Thanks for your comprehension,


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            We're still not seeing a problem with the Dev Console on the build of the 24th, so not sure what to tell you here - the most likely explanation is that due to a caching oddity, you were actually running mixed versions between the main window and Dev Console. This can happen very easily, because browsers seem to have special caching rules when it comes to, and Firebug also seems to be get involved if it's active.

            As far as issues with 8.2p in general, aside from this Dev Console problem (that we can't reproduce) you hit one regression related to selection - everything else appears to be migration issues from 8.0 to 8.2 and not any indication of instability on 8.2p. That selection issue was actually caught by our automated tests (which are very extensive, and being made more extensive all the time) but unfortunately the build was not yanked as it is supposed to be in the circumstance.

            So, sorry you were able to download a build that would ordinarily have been yanked, other than that, there doesn't appear to be any kind of systemic issue and you should continue with 8.2p.


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              OK - I'll give 8.2p another try when a fix for this issue gets integrated ...

              We're almost there. Everything is almost working ...