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    Different styling for read only fields

    I've have had several issues with setting the "readOnlyDisplay" of form items to "static", that I decided to not use static items at all. I cannot go into details quickly what kind of problems, I wrote some posts about it if I'm not mistaken, but in the end if didn't work out. Now, I'm using read only mode and this has the advantage that fields take the same space whether being editable or not.

    But my question is how to distinguish them easily (style wise)? I'm now setting the style rule .formCell [readonly] and this helps, but I'm not sure if this is the way to go.

    I'll bet my question raises the question, what exactly isn't working, so maybe later I will try to address those issues.

    Hi wallytax,

    this thread is in the area you are currently. Perhaps it helps or at least gives background information.

    Best regards


      Already some links to other posts that might be relevant: (seems to address my question as well). See the post of Blama above :-)
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        My own "work-around" (.formCell [readonly]) works pretty well, but not for SELECT boxes. I don't seem to be able to distinguish between read-only fields and normal fields.
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          This post (already mentioned) is more or less similar and I already asked there if any follow-ups are available. I think Blama and I want this behavior:
          • Field togglable as editable/readonly
          • If field is readonly then its contents need to be copy-pastable and scrollable
          • Different modes distinguishable in style (for me that means a different background)
          • Field occupying same space in both modes