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  • When pointed 2Turkish Language,UI is not coming UP and works fine in other languages


    We are using Smartclient Libraries version 10.0 for all UI functionalities in our application. This application (Java based) is supported in the following Languages

    English, Arabic, Dutch, French, Italic, Korean, Japanese, German, Chinese

    I am adding Turkish Language support for the same application; I made the required code changes to support Turkish Language (identical changes I did to support other languages)

    However when I invoke the Application on the Browser, I am getting the below Error and login screen (first page) is not being displayed. It is expected to display the login screen .
    This Error I am only getting when the Browser Language is set to Turkish and this works fine for all other languages.

    ReferenceError: Incorrect reference! FG_i18n is not defined
    File Name: line 239 > eval
    Line Number485

    The file it is pointing is to Smartclient Supplied file;

    Kindly let me know what the issue is and where it is. What is required here to overcome this Error.

    The browser language is set for Turkish

    I hope Smartclient libraries version 10.0 is supported in Turkish Language

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    Please see the FAQ: you need to post your full version, and if you haven't tested with the latest patched version, do so now.

    You will also find instructions for gathering full information for a JS error.


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      Out of interest, what locale string are you using? It should be tr_TR


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        Yes I use tr_TR locale.


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          It will be very difficult for me to upgrade to latest version of Smartclient libraries in our product and its a very big excercise for us and its not possible to use the latest latest patched version of Smartclient libs. We will have to work only with version 10.0 version unless its a real know issue in the current version and the fix is available in the latest patched version,


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            You'll still be on version 10.0, just the *latest patched build* of it - usually bug fixes only, but that would depend how old your current build is, and you still didn't mention that.


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              How will I know which build I am using ? Is there a file where I can verify the same? Please let me know where to look far, so that I can check and let you know the build number


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                You should just be able to load a SmartClient page and evaluate isc.version in your browser's console.


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                  OK Git it, It is isc_version=v10.0p_2015-11-17


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                    Just to clarify, we just tested the latest 10.0 patched build and we see no problems just directly including the Turkish language-pack file:

                    <SCRIPT SRC="/isomorphic/locales/"></SCRIPT>
                    If you're doing something else, show us that code.


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                      Here is what I see; is this the correct place to check ?
                      <script src="isomorphic/system/modules/ISC_Containers.js?isc_version=v10.0p_2015-11-17.js"></script>


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                        We're not following you.

                        You said you made changes to add the Turkish language, but they didn't work / cause a crash - show us the code you changed.


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                          OK, I sense the actual problem now; I see only the following files under smartclientRuntime/isomorphic/locales/


                          Turkish File is not listed here; Probably this could be the reason for the issue I am facing. isn't it ? If yes, Can you please attach the Turkish Translated file for this ?

                          Essentially you will have to ship the file whatever you had mentioned in your previous post.

                          Thank you very much


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                            ELse let me know where I can download the same ? Can I just copy the file into smartclientRuntime/isomorphic/locales/ ; Is there something else to be done here ?


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                              Again, you need to get a more recent copy of the framework.

                              Turkish translation only arrived in January of last year (2016).

                              You can download a recent build of 10.0 and take the translations file from there.
                              Last edited by Isomorphic; 3rd Feb 2017, 02:20.