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    Can you share the download link with me, all I can see is download the evaluation version of libs version 11.0; However we have a valid license with us and I need version 10.0 build


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      You can download it from here:

      Just replace the "-" in the filename with a "_" and copy the file to your locales folder


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        In fact, that may not work for you - our language-pack system converts the files from into a separate format - so you'll probably have to download an updated build from and take the file from there.

        However, it seems there may be a problem with the builds site right now - we're looking into that and will get back to you.


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          Please let me know from where do I download the recent build of 10.0 ? In the download section I only see a link to download the Evaluation Copy and also paid versions; When I tried downloading the copy I was asked to fill the form when I submitted I was told that someone will contact me soon. I need these files urgently and it is a show stopper for me. How do I get the files ? Is it possible to attach the Turkish translated for me here so that I can download and use it immediatly ? If yes please do so, take the file from the 10.0 build and sent it to me here.

          Thanks in Advance



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            You could get it from the Feature Explorer:


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              That was 11.0.
              10.0 is:


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                Thank you very much for your prompt response and your efforts to fix the build site problem; However I took the file you gave thru the Web URL, this file seems to contain most of it in English language itself; I expected the pure Turkish translation here like it has the contents in other languages.


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                  I will wait for you to fix the build site problem and hope to download an updated build asap.

                  Thank you very much


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                    The build site issue was fixed yesterday - you can now download the latest build.

                    However, the latest build will include the same Turkish translations that Blama pointed you to - if some strings are not translated, you can propose translations for them at and we'll include them in builds.


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                      Thank you very much; I had downloaded the new build that you pointed. I have a question

                      Are there any major changes between your latest 10.0 build and v100p_2015-06-17_Enterprise ?
                      Can I just copy the Turkish File from your recent build of 10.0 and place it in my old 10.0 build SmartClient_v100p_2015-06-17_Enterprise under smartclientRuntime/isomorphic/locales/
                      OR Do I need to upgrade the complete library to this new build from where I am consuming the ?

                      As conveyed earlier, for now we have no plan to upgrade the Libraries to higher version as it involves lots of testing effort.


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                        The latest nightly builds include fixes for any bugs reported since you took your current build - since that was 18 months ago, new builds will include lots of fixes.

                        But no, you don't *have* to update just in order to include a language-pack file - you can just include it and it should work as you expect it to.

                        However, note that if any default framework strings have been internationalized since your 2015 build, you won't get those translations in your application. For example, some of the English-language strings in the Multi-Sort and Multi-Group dialogs were only internationalized recently, so they probably won't be translated in your application (to any language).


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                          You shipped the file as and can I rename it as and use this file ? Will there be any impact due to this renaming ?


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                            We're not sure why you're asking this question, since you originally said that you were using tr_TR anyway.

                            Regardless, the answer is that you can rename the file if you want to, and it will work, but we don't advise it - every time you update your framework libraries, it will be replaced with the tr_TR version we ship.

                            Just one final time for clarity, the best thing you can do really would be to update to the latest patched build - that's always the first thing we'll ask you to do any time you report issues to us.


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                              I am still getting this Error

                              ReferenceError: Incorrect reference! FG_i18n is not defined
                              File Name:http://dublr012vm:32100/myfilegatewa..._2015-11-17.js line 239 > eval
                              Line Number485

                              What could be the reason for getting the Error "isomorphic/system/modules/ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v10.0p_2015-11-17.js line 239 > eval
                              Line Number485" ?

                              How do I gather full information for this JS Error ? Where do I get the information ? Please point me to the link.



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                                The error is application specific - FG_i18n is an object in your application - it was mentioned in connection with a login screen once before in 2010, presumably by one of your colleagues.

                                It looks like you must have code that forms that object from the loaded locale - and this error would indicate that the locale file is still not being loaded correctly - you will probably see a 404 for it in your browser's console.

                                See the details here for how to provide information that enables us to help.
                                Last edited by Isomorphic; 8th Feb 2017, 05:47.