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  • Blama
    Hi Isomorphic,

    I agree that it would not look nice and I think I like your idea with the pop-up dialog.
    I already find the way the slider acts as editor in a ListGrid a bit confusing (by the way, there it works without fixedRecordHeights:false).

    I'll go now with multiple:true SelectItem until I get complaints in case a customer has a too-long list there.

    So for me this is a non-issue right now, but I still think there is a bug with focus and something else, which makes the application very unresponsive if you have the editor open an e.g. click the "customEditors.js" tab.
    With just an added fixedRecordHeights:false in the testcase the design is even more broken.

    Best regards

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  • Isomorphic
    While you can use fixedRecordHeights:false to cause row expansion, we wouldn't recommend using MultiComboBoxItem as an inline editor because of the requirement for row expansion, which is awkward.

    We would recommend either a multiple:true SelectItem or, for larger lists, a pop-up dialog with a ListGrid.

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  • Blama
    started a topic 11.1p ListGrid with MultiComboBoxItem as editor

    11.1p ListGrid with MultiComboBoxItem as editor

    Hi Isomorphic,

    testing this testcase with MultiComboBoxItem which might be the better editor here if my pickList is long (which it can be), I noticed some problems, that are not BatchUploader-specific, but also happen in normal ListGrids.
    Please see this modified testcase (v11.1p_2018-01-07):
        ID: "countryList",
        width:900, height:224, alternateRecordStyles:true, 
        cellHeight:42, wrapCells:true,
        dataSource: countryDS,
            {name:"countryName", width:100},
            {name:"government", width:175,
            {name:"population", width:100, 
            {name:"independence", width:225,
            {name:"continent", width:300,
        autoFetchData: true,
        canEdit: true,
        editEvent: "click"
    As you can see the edited row does not expand, which leads to a strange design. I'd think the row should expand like here the Slider Editor does

    Also editing itself is hard. The text-entry field itself always looses focus automatically (I'm testing with Chromium 63.0.3239.132 / current Win 10) and the pickList opens on third click of the "open" arrow.
    Entering a "null" cell again (after removing an entry and exiting the cell) shows a selected item without name, I can remove via "x"-click again.

    Best regards