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    Hi mathias,

    you can use useImageForSVG and set it to true to have SVGs loaded as <img> instead of <object>. This definitely makes sense in 12.0p and older.
    12.1p and newer should be able to use nice css skinning features that will save you from the need to have multiple files for hover and click states - see here.

    In total I agree that this feature is great, but as the browser support is poor, this does not help.
    Therefore I think that <img>-tag SVGs are still the way to go. If this is an issue for you because of different CI in the same project you could apply serverside color changes to the SVGs.

    In general it would be great if you starred and commented the issue from #14 in the browser's bugtrackers to get them fixed eventually.
    Good to know that Safari is already OK.

    Best regards


      I am running the 13 beta and i'm seeing flickering. Ok, so there's some way to address it into a single file, but it should still not flicker. Thanks for the input though.

      Yeah, all SVG-related stuff works fine in Safari, breaks in Chrome+Firefox. We decided to ditch SVG completely, we don't have time to spend on crap like this :) Again thanks for help/input.