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    BUG in 11.1 in implementation of refreshData of TreeGrid


    In 11.1 LGP dates 2018-11-18 in implementation of refreshData there is code that cuts the number of records returned:
            } else if (isc.ResultTree && isc.isA.ResultTree(d)) {
    [B]initialData.length = dsResponse.endRow - dsResponse.startRow;[/B]
                // create via ActionsMethods createResultTree() so that all attributes set properly
                resultSetOrTree = this.createResultTree(fetchCriteria, null, d.context, null,
                                                        initialData, true);
    If there are just two rows, startRow should be 0 and endRow should be 1. Initial data is calculated to be 1 while it is 2.
    You should use dsResponse.totalRows if it is present..

    Additionally refreshData makes a request with sorting set to TreeGrid's sort even for TreeGrids with dataFetchMode set to "local".

    Best regards,

    Is there a particular sample dsResponse you can show where this calculation is wrong? It appears to be correct. Note you need to carefully look at the docs for startRow and endRow: endRow is exclusive. This also means totalRows need not be consulted.

    We will address the unnecessary server sort for treeGrid, however.


      We've updated refreshData() in SC 11.1p and newer releases to avoid triggering a server sort where not needed. This should be in the nightly builds dated 2018-11-29 and beyond.


        I can see now that there is a mention about endRow exclusivity in doc just for DSRequest.endRow, which I was not consulting when I was creating my implementation of DSResponse.

        DSResponse.endRow doc just states
        End row of returned server results, when using paged result fetching
        Note that startRow and endRow are zero-based - the first record is row zero.
        so you can interpret it as I did, with startRow: 0, endRow: 1, totalRows: 2 being a response with 2 records.


          We've updated the docs for future builds.