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  • Isomorphic
    We've updated the docs for future builds.

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  • janusz
    I can see now that there is a mention about endRow exclusivity in doc just for DSRequest.endRow, which I was not consulting when I was creating my implementation of DSResponse.

    DSResponse.endRow doc just states
    End row of returned server results, when using paged result fetching
    Note that startRow and endRow are zero-based - the first record is row zero.
    so you can interpret it as I did, with startRow: 0, endRow: 1, totalRows: 2 being a response with 2 records.

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  • Isomorphic
    We've updated refreshData() in SC 11.1p and newer releases to avoid triggering a server sort where not needed. This should be in the nightly builds dated 2018-11-29 and beyond.

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  • Isomorphic
    Is there a particular sample dsResponse you can show where this calculation is wrong? It appears to be correct. Note you need to carefully look at the docs for startRow and endRow: endRow is exclusive. This also means totalRows need not be consulted.

    We will address the unnecessary server sort for treeGrid, however.

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  • BUG in 11.1 in implementation of refreshData of TreeGrid


    In 11.1 LGP dates 2018-11-18 in implementation of refreshData there is code that cuts the number of records returned:
            } else if (isc.ResultTree && isc.isA.ResultTree(d)) {
    initialData.length = dsResponse.endRow - dsResponse.startRow;
                // create via ActionsMethods createResultTree() so that all attributes set properly
                resultSetOrTree = this.createResultTree(fetchCriteria, null, d.context, null,
                                                        initialData, true);
    If there are just two rows, startRow should be 0 and endRow should be 1. Initial data is calculated to be 1 while it is 2.
    You should use dsResponse.totalRows if it is present..

    Additionally refreshData makes a request with sorting set to TreeGrid's sort even for TreeGrids with dataFetchMode set to "local".

    Best regards,