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  • isc.AutoTest.isSystemDone() returns true while the grid is still loading

    SmartClient Version: v10.0p_2016-02-15/Pro Deployment (2016-02-15)
    Chrome Version:71.0.3578.98

    I am using isc.AutoTest.isSystemDone(); to check whether the loaded page is in consistent state with no pending operations, but seems it's not working as expected, the method returns true but the TreeGrid is still loading. please see my snapshot below, can you please help on this?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	loadingPage.jpg
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    Please test with a fully patched version from You are almost 3 years out of date.


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      Thanks for your reply, we are ok to upgrade to the latest patched version which is 01-29-2019 I can find in the link you provided. But before that can you please help to confirm below 2 items:

      1. Is the above issue a known issue in the version which we are using and has been fixed in the latest patched version?
      2. The build version we are using v10.0p_2016-02-15/Pro Deployment (2016-02-15), seems not there in the I know you have some fix for us in this build please refer to ( , will the fix also available in the latest patched version?

      Thank you again.


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        1. No
        2. Yes


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          Thank you. For #1, if there is no fix in the latest patched version, it is still possible I may face the same issue once I upgrade it.
          Is there a way you can test to see if this is working fine on the latest patch version?


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            Sorry, not a possibility - we have hundreds of automated tests of our own that rely on this feature, making it rather unlikely there's an issue, and you're reporting a *possible* problem in a 3 year old version, with no test case, and you don't have a support contract with us... this puts you very very far from the threshold where it would be appropriate to ask for us to take action before you download the new patched version.

            Just to clarify, the expectation is that you would download these patch updates pretty regularly, in fact, quite a bit more often as compared to other classes of software, as browser vendors routinely introduce new bugs that we have to work around. So in the future, please test with the latest patched version before even reporting the issue. Thanks.