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    We still don't see the JS errors related to _linkClicked - it isn't clear to us how that particular failure can be possible - but we've added a null check and a diagnostic log, which is in today's builds. However, can you confirm which URL you're running the skin editor from, and can you be specific about which skin you're using as a base and which exact variable-link you're clicking?

    On missing variables - we've fixed up the toolStripButton problem and added variables for the missing toolStripButton and GroupNode settings you mentioned. Note that, you may find other such 'missing' settings, because we don't provide variables for every conceivable customization - rather, there are largely only variables for settings that are actually configured differently across the included skins (the Flat series, Tahoe and newer). Feel free to continue to report any that you consider to be absent but necessary.

    Compilation is supposed to happen when you click 'Save' - are you not seeing that?

    There is not currently a supported mechanism for importing a skin made in an older version of SmartClient - we're not sure what you mean by copying the 'db' folder, or by that not 'always working' - can you confirm?
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      SmartClient Version: SNAPSHOT_v12.1d_2019-10-14/Enterprise Development Only (built 2019-10-14)

      Chrome on OSX

      Hello, when saving I see in the logs:
      === 2019-10-14 15:25:31,214 [ec-3] DEBUG ISCSystem - executing command (no timeout): [sh, -c, compass compile /Users/bosticco/librerie/isc/12/SmartClient_SNAPSHOT_v121d_2019-10-14_Enterprise/smartclientSDK/isomorphic/skins/Stratus.tmp.46616@MacBook-Pro-2.local.16/template]
      but that temp folder doesn't get created.
      Then I export the skin, and in the skin_styles.css I don't see the changes I made.
      So I have to go to the template folder, and run "compass compile --force"
      Note that I need to specify --force, otherwise it won't write the skin_styles.css.

      About the _linkClicked errors: I run the editor from /tools/skinTools/skinEditor.jsp, using Stratus as base skin, if I click "Standard Background" link, I get:
      17:41:49.012:WARN:themeEditor:_getOpenList() does not exist: 
          _3._linkClicked(event=>[object MouseEvent], varName=>"$standard_bgColor") on [SkinVariableTree ID:themeEditor_colorTree] @ skinEditor.jsp:3638:74
          HTMLAnchorElement.onclick(event=>[object MouseEvent]) @ skinEditor.jsp:1:23
      and similar for every other link, it seems.

      About the 'db' folder copy, I mean that I'm copying the db folder located in smartclientSDK⁩/WEB-INF⁩. Actually after more carefully testing, no, it doesn't work. In the attachment you may see what happens.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	2019-10-14 17.51.09.jpg
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        I forgot, some other variables you may consider adding:

        - a "Widget Header Background” as there's only “Secondary Header Background”
        - "NavButton Color” there's “NavButton Selected Color” only

        also, “ListGrid HeaderTitle Color” doesn't seem to work, I need to modify “ListGrid HeaderButton Color” to see an effect


          Thanks - we see the _linkClicked() problem now, and it will be fixed for tomorrow's build.

          We're taking a look at the save/export issue - at first glance, it seems like doing a manual compass compile from your exported skin's "template" dir will incorporate your changes - the export process is including the updated variable-values in _userSettings.scss, in the zip file, but apparently not including the recompiled skin_styles.css file. We'll update here when we sort this out.

          ListGrid HeaderTitle is actually referenced by a no-longer-used css class - we'll remove it - and will add the others you mention.


            The issue where CSS changes weren't exported has been fixed - and we've addressed the NavButton color issue you noted, and added some other variables around that widget (it shared some NavBar settings).

            However, we haven't added a "Widget Header Background" because a Widget Header isn't really a thing - see Standard Header Background.

            Those changes have been in 12.1 builds for a few days.

            We've also, now, removed the ListGrid HeaderTitle attribute you mentioned and added several new stateful color-vars for HeaderButton - our stock skins don't use stateful headerButton text-colors, aside from disabled, but they're now supported in the skin editor.

            You can test these latter changes in tomorrow's build.
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