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    13.0d New Placeholder Sample zIndex issue

    Hi Isomorphic,

    clicking around here (SNAPSHOT_v13.0d_2020-11-01) I noticed that for every 2nd showing of the placeholder image (so every 4th click of the checkbox) the "Chart type [ ] Stacked" widget is over the image and only goes under the image when I hover it.

    Also, the filter row for "Jun" shows "10298 10289", which doesn't make sense to me.

    In general it would be good if all the Reify samples showed the Reify XML used to create the screen. This "10298 10289" is most likely in the XML as some criteria, but I can't see it.

    Best regards
    Last edited by Blama; 2nd Nov 2020, 05:41.

    We can't reproduce the issue with the image and chart selector ending up on top of each other, and that doesn't make a lot of sense (they're in a layout). Are you still reproducing this? Are you getting it on multiple browsers? Perhaps you have some special browser tools installed?


      Hi Isomorphic

      see the attached video (SNAPSHOT_v13.0d_2020-11-03, GC86 Win10(normal and incognitio mode)). Does not happen in Edge 86.0.622.61. Does not happen in FF 82.0.
      I'll test at home as well.

      Best regards
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        Also does happen the same at home using Chromium 85/Win10, no extensions.