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    SmartClient Version: SNAPSHOT_v13.1d_2024-03-25/AllModules Development Only (built 2024-03-25)

    Chrome on MacOS

    ok, actually I can reproduce it in the showcase:

        ID: "aSearchForm",
        fields: [
                name: "category", optionDataSource: "supplyItem",
                displayField: "category", valueField: "category",
                useUnselectedValues: false,
                toggleUseUnselectedValuesOnSelectAll: false,
                editorType: "SetFilterItem"
        ID: "categoryList",
        width: "100%", height: 500, top: 60,
        showFilterEditor: true,
        filterOnKeypress: true,
        searchForm: "aSearchForm",
        dataSource: supplyItem,
        autoFetchData: true,
        canExpandRecords: true,
        getExpansionComponent: function (record) {
            var countryGrid = isc.ListGrid.create({
                height: 224,
                dataSource: supplyItem,
                implicitCriteria: {
                    _constructor: "AdvancedCriteria",
                    operator: "and",
                    criteria: [
                        {fieldName: "category", operator: "inSet", valuePath: "aSearchForm.values.category"}
            var layout = isc.VLayout.create({
                padding: 5,
                members: [countryGrid]
            return layout;
    with a use case pretty similar to that in my application, even though in this sample the implicitCriteria doesn't seem to have an effect (I don't understand why) while in my actual code it works.

    The sequence to see the error is:
    - expand the first record
    - open the SetFilterItem
    - select "Adding Machine/calculator Roll"
    - select "Pastes and Gum"
    - deselect "AddingMachine/calculator Roll"

    and you'll see this error:

    19:31:58.689:TMR2:WARN:Log:TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'getVisibleRows')
    Stack from error.stack:
        _3.eval(<no args: exited>) on[ListGrid ID:isc_ListGrid_0] @ [no file]:3:18
        Canvas.refreshData(<no args: exited>) on[ListGrid ID:isc_ListGrid_0] @ ISC_Core.js:5178:37
        null.<anonymous>(<no args: exited>) @ ISC_Grids.js:3542:338
        [c]Class.fireCallback(_1=>callback(), _2=>null, _3=>null, _4=>null, _5=>true) on [Class Timer] @ ISC_Core.js:330:252
        Timer._fireTimeout(_1=>"$ir1027", _2=>1114, _3=>undef) on [Class Timer] @ ISC_Core.js:2310:6
        null.<anonymous>() @ ISC_Core.js:2305:40
    Maybe I'm misusing something, as I also see several warnings.


      This latter crash report has been fixed - the grid in the expanded row was issuing a delayed refreshData() as a result of RuleContext changes and then being destroyed when it's parent-row was filtered out of the main grid.

      It's been fixed for tomorrow's builds, dated March 27 or later.

      implicitCriteria appears to be working as expected - the visible rows change when you change the searchForm, and they change in the opened-grids as well, if your change doesn't filter their parent-rows out of the view.

      We'll update shortly on the earlier reports.


        SmartClient Version: SNAPSHOT_v13.1d_2024-03-30/AllModules Development Only (built 2024-03-30)

        I see that the crash from post #16 is fixed, thank you very much