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  • MS Excel-like "fill handle"

    I'm trying to figure out how to implement a table based input form where each row corresponds to a record that needs to be created. We want to enable users to create records in bulk, and not one at a time, partly for the reason that in many cases the records are very nearly the same as each other so it makes sense to create them together.

    One feature that would help would be a "fill handle" like what MS Excel and handsontable have where a user who wants to copy one value to other rows could drag the handle across other rows. It doesn't look like a ListGrid has this capability, but maybe I missed it. I did find copy/paste in a grid, but doesn't give me control over what can be copied where whereas a fill handle could allow me to prevent users from dragging across columns.

    I don't think this is critical, I'm just brainstorming what might be useful for my users as I'm preparing mockups for my proposal.