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    Sorry to say but my clients tell me the same thing - your apps look antiquated.
    And unfortunately, even a simple DynamicForm with username, password, and TOS fields just does not look as good as other stuff out there.

    I am more than vested in SmartGWT - but to be in business we really need a "Fresh" skin.
    And I do realize that "skin" is oversimplifying what takes to make this happen.

    If somebody, and especially Isomorphic, had to invest in this, I would definitely chip in, and this is just me - I only represent myself.
    Isomorphic - how about you kickstart this?
    After seeing an agreeable proposal, I would be ready to pledge $500 to your campaign.
    And that's just my personal pledge.

    I hope many others would willing to help in kind...


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      Yes, it's pretty difficult to prove to management and clients that it is a good framework due the lack of good 2016 years UI design. Now it looks like from 2000's.
      If the new looking design could be supported only for new browsers IE 11+, Firefox Chrome latest versions it would be big step forward. Almost no one needs IE 8 or IE 6 support these days. Whom use IE 8 is definitely stuck in time, so for him/her design is not a problem.


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        Hello, is it possible to know if there's a new skin in development, and an ETA for it?


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          our customer are complaining about the look & feel of our SmartClient application. They say, it looks so "nineties".
          Could you please offer a moder flat skin?

          Kind Regards



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            Originally posted by claudiobosticco View Post
            Hello, is it possible to know if there's a new skin in development, and an ETA for it?
            still no public roadmap?


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              官方博客说:“Don’t worry. When we roll out our new UI skins, there’ll be something to keep everyone happy.”

              still no public roadmap???????

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                Looks like isomorphic has lost interest in it's framework, or can't find developers who want to work on legacy tech.


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                  Guys - please be patient, this is coming.

                  We've already addressed a chunk of this with font size and control density as well as a flat combo box. Buttons, scroll bars, and headers need an update, but I think if you look at this honestly, the current Enterprise skins are not that far off of a flat look. Calling it "90's" and "legacy" is pure hyperbole. I understand and appreciate there's passion for this, but please realize that you're a vocal minority - most enterprise customers prioritize those legacy browsers, developer productivity, security and many other features ahead of a skin refresh.


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                    Hi Isomorphic, I've seen you had mentioned about new skin "Tahoe" in your blog, would be curious to know when are you planning to release this to public? Thanks.


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                      Hello Isomorphic,
                      being a "vocal minority" about modern UI sounds a bit irritating to me :-(
                      To be honest, I would have expected much more interest in the topic by isomorphic themself, instead of reacting to customer complains.

                      I hope it is understood, that it is not just flatten some UI components to have a material look & feel,
                      but also getting into the "responsive Design" topic ?

                      Wouldn't it be good, you share some drafts or a beta release?
                      This might help me and others to get rid of any "old style UI" discussions by just telling our clients and decision-makers "isomorphic is working on it ..."
                      And of course, we would need a proposed relase date, since this is the obvious next question, once we said "isomorphic is working on it ..."

                      Isomorphic, back in August, you asked us to be patient, this is now 5 month in the past... any (good) news?

                      Thank you,


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                        If you have questions about how best to implement "Responsive Design", first, take a look at the Mobile Development overview in the docs, which explains how our components automatically adapt to different devices - we actually go far beyond what is typically called "Responsive Design". If you have questions on this, start a new thread about them.

                        This thread is, again, about some people wanting a yet flatter look for skins, and not wanting to create a skin themselves. Purely an aesthetic choice. As covered above, we've already announced a new flatter skin is part of the next release (on the blog), so we have already enabled you to tell any interested party that we're working on it. We do not give fixed release dates, and the guidance we give on release timing is published on the blog. Go there for further updates about 6.1/11.1, including the new skin.


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                          Hi, Isomorphic,
                          for developers is not a problem, for sales and project managers is a problem. Developers almost have no power in this situation and upper management will forbid SmartClient usage and force to use ExtJS or something else just due "98` look and feel" in their heads, but sure it's your company choice what to do next, but what would be nice is to have better roadmap about what's coming and when it comes. Thanks.


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                            Yes, we're perfectly aware that management sometimes makes bad decisions based on superficial factors. That's exactly why we did a survey to see what people wanted and then started working on that. It's also why we've long since publicly announced that a flatter skin is in the next release.

                            So again, if at any time you are interested in our future plans, read the blog. We do not announce the roadmap in the forums. It is on the blog.


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                              Hi Isomorphic,

                              while I'm fine here as I created my own skin based on Simplicity I understand the requests from other users. I heard exactly the same before I had the custom skin in place.
                              Assuming that the next release is not too far way (not asking for a release date, but there have been three blog posts so far, so it should be safe to assume that the release is not too far way) perhaps you can do another blog post with a screenshot of the new skin? This should help all the users above to get an OK for extra time to wait from their management.

                              And as a note: Modifying a skin is not that complicated. A first version should be less than a week. That's about the time it took me to modify skin_styles.css and load_skin.js (for the widgets I use, that is ListGrid, DynamicForm, Window, SectionStack). This is assuming you already have the new icons you want to use, of course. Maintenance of the skin has been less than a day in two years (basically look for changes in the original skin files of your base version and the nightly you are using now). Also I think that the recommendation for a custom skin is now to base it on Enterprise, not Simplicity, but I might be wrong here.

                              Best regards


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                                Yes, we already announced - on the blog - that we would be sharing some more details of the new skin. Those details will be shared on the blog.

                                Sorry to sound like a broken record, but every concern being raised here is addressed on the blog.

                                If you are wondering why we haven't *already* shared screenshots of the new skin, it's useless to solicit feedback when there are still imperfections we intend to address. So you'll all see it when it's close to done. Where? On the blog.