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  • checkbox controls

    I have seen you have very limited examples of form controls, specially checkboxes. It would be great if you can have some complicated checkbox examples, showing muliple checkboxes controls with a single button, which in turn will be linked to treegrid or listgrid.

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    Hi Sprayaga,

    There aren't many examples of individual form items because in SmartClient they all support a core set of identical APIs, the FormItem APIs and the APIs on the DynamicForm component (which manages items).


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      I'm looking for support in DynamicForms. Because I'm lazy, I'm looking for automatic support driven from the DataSource definition, where if a field is a foreign key to another DataSource, it automatically either drops in a ComboBox (for 1-1 linkage) or a Grid (for 1-Many linkage).


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        Yes, that's automatic. Bind a DynamicForm to a DataSource and a SelectItem is automatically used for a field declared as a foreignKey, and the selectItem.optionDataSource automatically uses the DataSource indicated by your foreignKey field. If you set editorType to ComboBoxItem, likewise the optionDataSource is chosen automatically. See the docs for further details.