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    We agree and will rephrase the base message.


      I made some changes in Japanese for the AM/PM and AM and PM strings that were needed.
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        Hi there,

        Been with SmartClient long time as developer.

        Done most (over 90%) SmartClient zh_TW (Traditional Chinese) translation at that time, years ago.

        Still heavyly using SmartClient, but haven't pay attention to translation for long time, since zh_TW translation still working after many times verstion upgrade.

        Now a day, SmartClient project moved to (did not notice when)

        After registration new user (same e-mail address) but see no any zh_TW (Traditional Chinese) translation there ?

        So, how to help contribute the zh_TW translation for some missing pieces ?

        Roger Chang


          Yes, the framework source strings have been over on Weblate for a few years now.

          Our packages still include a language-pack suffixed zh_TW, but its content is on Weblate under Traditional Chinese (zh_Hant) -


            Nice rapid feedback

            * Weblate, old dog new tricks, need time to get it working
            * Need to trace into SmartClient source code to know proper callname, takes time
            * Intend to contribute some zh_TW translation to fill the gap , if possible
            * If Weblate provide any download/upload tools to save time? web editing is painful, any suggestion for batch works?

            Roger Chang


              hi Roger,

              Yes, Weblate does have a fairly complex interface compared to the old getlocalization site - we primarily use it as a public repository that customers can modify, and there are many features that we don't use and haven't looked into.

              We're aware of a "Zen" mode, accessible from a link in the top-right, which is apparently better for bulk editing, but we're not aware of a mode that allows you to just edit a simple grid of values, for example.

              We'll try to make some time to experiment and make some recommendations for translators, in the sticky thread on the subject.
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