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    Batik operational dependencies

    Hi Isomorphic,

    We are looking to either upgrade (batik-1.16). or drop these optional batik dependencies and want to confirm this statement is still accurate?

    If we drop them, will there be any problems with Microsoft Edge?

    If we upgrade them (batik-1.16), will they still be compatible?


    Optional Dependencies
    • batik-anim, batik-awt-util, batik-bridge, batik-css, batik-dom, batik-ext, batik-gvt, batik-parser, batik-script, batik-svg-dom, batik-util, batik-xml -

      These are all required to use RPCManager.exportImage(), or when using RPCManager.exportContent() to export a DrawPane or FacetChart only in IE8 or earlier, or if a DrawPane has a DrawImage which loads a cross-domain image.

    Sorry about the poor phrasing, we'll clarify the docs here.

    Export works in Edge without Batik.

    We think cross-domain images may still require Batik even in modern browsers, but we're checking on that.

    We have not tried newer versions of Batik but as long as basic compatibility has been maintained, we would not expect a problem. We use a fairly limited part of the Batik API.


      Just a quick follow-up on this thread.

      I did find a post we made quite some time ago where there was a batik dependency for chrome and ff.

      However, I did some testing where we export PDF (chart and listgrid), and all seems to be working fine after removing these dependencies.