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  • Buttons Clipped in FF on Windows

    I've recently switched from Mac OS to Windows, and noticed some strange behaviour with FF on Windows that I didn't see on Mac OS.

    FF ESR 24.8.1

    I've noticed a number of buttons being clipped at the bottom, especially when they run along the bottom of the browser window, but not limited to there.

    One example I can see in the showcase, is the field picker dialog.

    In this example, some of the slushbucket buttons are clipped along the bottom.

    I have attached two screenshots. I wanted to attach a single one showing the entire dialog, however, your picture size limits are pretty strict.

    SmartClient Version: v10.0p_2015-05-27/LGPL Development Only (built 2015-05-27)

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    I will also note that I do not have the problem with Chrome and I do not use any kind of zoom.


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      Just a quick update here - some of our team see clipping and some don't. It may be an OS difference. We're trying to isolate the difference that causes it.


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        We have machines showing this issue and not showing it, and it doesn't correlate with OS (Win7 or Win8 can show it or not show it). We can't seem to identify a pattern.

        Aside from MacOS, which never seems to have this issue, do you have any machines that aren't showing the issue? Are you able to see a pattern in what's installed?


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          The two windows OS machines I can access, including Win7 and Win8.1 show clipping.


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            We made a change that should address this for you - have a go with a build dated June 7 or later and let us know if you still see problems.

            Note that, in the FieldPicker, these icons now render at their natural sizes, which are slightly larger. That's intentional, and inline with other usages of the same icons elsewhere in the framework.


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              The FieldPicker icons no longer appear to be clipped. Thank you.

              However, there is one other example I will provide that appears to only be an issue on FF as well, specifically, the tab buttons are clipped when the tab buttons are along the bottom.

              I have attached a screenshot as I could not find an example with tab buttons along the bottom in the showcase.

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                We don't see this in testing, and the tab text in your image looks larger than the default - is your browser zoomed? If not, we'll need a testcase.
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                  No zoom, font-size 11px.

                  I did find a resolution to my problem though.

                  The TabSet is being added as a member of a VLayout.
                  Adjusting the following properties of the VLayout to the following resolved my clipping issue on FF/Windows.




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                    Good to know. If you find that you still have issues like this, please do provide a sample that shows the issue - there may be a more general fix that we can apply, given a test case.


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                      Attached is another example of a clipped button in FF on Windows.

                      The Copy Level button on the Configure Sort... dialog.

                      The screenshot was taken directly from the following showcase example.

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                        Thanks for a letting us know - we'll have a developer take a look


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                          We're not seeing this issue, and it's clearly unrelated to the previous issue (which was related to some machines doing poor image scaling). Is it possible your screenshot was taken zoomed? Sizes do not seem to match the results we see.


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                            If it helps:
                            I (not the OP) see it in FF26 when zoomed "+1". I don't see it in FF26 unzoomed or IE11/GC43 (either zoomed or unzoomed).

                            Best regards


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                              It happens for me with FF24.8.1 on Windows.

                              I don't use zoom, and I double-checked to be sure.

                              I will upgrade to the latest FF on Windows when I can and provide an update if the clipping is gone;