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    Problems with using UTC on calendar view

    Version v12.0p_2019-10-19/PowerEdition Deployment (2019-10-19)
    Super Dev and compiled mode
    Browsers: Chrome, Firefox
    OS: Windows 10, Mac OS

    We have noticed a problem with SmartGWT Calendar widget inconsistently following the timezone set in DateUtil. Our application should display all times in UTC without daylight savings:


    We also set following date and time formats for the calendar:


    Setting the DateUtil timezone to UTC causes the day and week views to show days from 23:00 to 22:59. These are days in local timezone (UTC + 1) displayed in UTC. Instead the calendar should be showing the days in UTC from 00:00 to 23:59.
    Another problem is that the times in the event headers are displayed in local time, while in the hover tooltip they are in UTC. These should both be in UTC.

    There are two other threads about the issue with day and week views:

    It appears that there are long standing issues with the use of Calendar views and time zones. Is there a plan to resolve these issues? We are dependent on this to provide feature requested by our users.

    We're looking into it and will update here when a fix is in place.


      We've fixed the underlying issues here and you should find things working as expected in builds dated November 23 and later.


        Thank you for the rapid solution.


          Note that we found several bugs in this flow, and one of them has yet to be addressed - so these changes are only available in 12.1, our development branch, right now - we'll port all fixes back when we're finished making changes.


            We have tested the 12.1 dev build and found the following, which might be what you are referring to:

            12.1 fixes the problem with timezones, but there's another issue. Events on the calendar day and week views are seemingly randomly not showing up. This happens when clicking back and forwards using the arrows, or selecting a day from the month view. It can be that none of the events show up, some of them or all of them. Different events can show up when changing the day and then going back.


              That's the result of an overly-zealous redraw optimization in the dev branch, tailored initially for Timelines, which we'll fix/extend to vertical views shortly - the issue we referred to is (in fact, several bad behaviors are) around events that start in the slots that rest between your local browser timezone, and your chosen display timezone. The fixes are being tested and we'll update here when they hit builds.
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                Can you let me know whether the fixes are complete in the nightly build now? Also when do you plan to release 12.1 stable? We can't use a development release in a production system so we need to wait for this.


                  I'm looking forward to the new release!,.. i'm struggling with this exact problem for a long time

                  thank you!